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    Professional Barber Haircut

Finding a haircut, which can be suitable for a man is not an easy task. Many of them try to copy the style of their idols, but it is a wrong way. It is much better to create your own image with barbers, who will help shape to your haircut.

      Pro Barbershop For Men

Barbers will advise and make an individual haircut, which is most suitable for you. Here you can relax and enjoy the haircut process to the buzz of musical compositions.

  Professional Barbershop Shave

Someone is irritated after shaving, other does not shave off all the stubble or regularly gets cuts on his face after shaving. There are many consequences of low-quality shaving, and all of them are caused by the incorrect organization of the process. Our barbershop will fix this situation.

Almindelig klip

Kun maskinklip i siderne uden fade + klip med saks i top


Klassisk herreklipning med saks og barbering af nakke med ragekniv og hårvask .

The Master Fade

Kun maskinklip i siderne med fade + klip med saks i top .


Barbering med varmt omslag, kost, ragekniv .

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